Cinema classroom 2020

Feminism and film romance



This year's Cinema Classroom named Feminism and Film Romance focuses on the problematic relationship between feminism and film romance. How does the production and reception of film romance unwind as a predominantly female genre? In what relation are the genre's popularity and production-financial opportunities and limitations. Can we connect the romance genre with consumerism, and if so, how? How to reflect on female viewing pleasure? The neglect of male pleasure in watching romantic films. Character representation. Forms of encoding love. Sexuality and love. Sexual violence. Naturalization of heterosexual love. Homosexual film romance. Join us this year on the lecutres of Cinema Classroom, which are intended for all interested citizens.

The program is implemented in cooperation with the Center for Women's Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka.




21:30 Ljetno Art-kino


Synonymes, director: Nadav Lapid, France / Israel / Germany, 2019.
feature film 123 min.