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The specialised film library of the Art-kino is the first of its kind in Croatia – completely dedicated to the research and studying of cinematic art. The library fund is very diverse and currently comprises three inventory collections that include 800 book titles that are divided into a General Collection and a Reference Collection, almost 600 periodicals of the Periodicals Collection (19 titles) and an Audiovisual Collection that includes more then 400 DVDs with contemporary and classic films.

The library users can read daily papers, weeklies and monthly editions of magazines that make up the Art-kino Library's magazine and journal subscriptions (Filmonaut, Croatian Film Chronicles, Sight & Sound). In addition to the 'classic' book collection, members of the library can also use a tablet device (Regional Audiovisual Collection) with films shot in Rijeka, films about Rijeka or films made by filmmakers from Rijeka. (Status of inventory books as of: 5 October 2017)

The selection of the library collection, in addition to being focused on film, culture and art, is carried out on several levels. For instance, the collection includes beautifully designed biographies of actors and actresses, as well as books by film theorist Andre Bazin, who is studied in detail at film study programmes, cultural studies, etc. The audiovisual collection includes films on DVD that can be can be borrowed for home use, and also cover a wide range of topics and directors – from Miyazaki, and suspense thrillers to experimental films.

The special film library of the Art-kino saw its official opening on Friday, 12 February 2016, at 7 p.m. and its very first visitor and inaugurator was renowned director Slobodan Šijan, in the excellent company of Petar Milat (Multimedia Institute), who presented two books - " Filmus: Stories about Film" and "Cinema Tom". The library's opening also served as the opening ceremony for the "Film Outside the Box" programme, which will provide, on a monthly basis, complementary contents alongside the film programme through the promotion of books and journals, conversations with directors and other film workers, workshops, panels and roundtable discussions.

The library collection

The library collection will be continually upgraded.

The collection is available to members of the Art-kino Film Club.


Membership fee

The club membership fee is paid annually. It is free for members that are 15 years old and younger, and amounts to 100 HRK for the employed, and 75 HRK for students, the unemployed and pensioners. In addition to the use of the library collection, membership brings other benefits like free entrance to various film cycles, invitations to premieres and discounts on numerous programmes, such as film festivals and the Summer Art-kino programme.

Contact and library working hours


Working hours:

Art-kino Library working hours: one hour before first screening / program of the day and till the beginning of last program / screening.

The Art-kino is not open on national holidays.