Tickets are available at the Art-kino box office that opens everyday one hour before the beginning of the first screening and closes after the last screening and on the following website:

Art-kino Croatia has 315 numerated seats; 228 seats in 17 rows on the ground floor 87 seats in 6 balcony rows.
Mini Art-kino has 24 unnumbered seats.
Summer Art-kino has 100 unnumbered seats.

Book your ticket

You can book your tickets personally at the box office, via e-mail set to or by telephone at (051)323-261 open at the regular working hours of the box office.
Booked tickets are available at the box office 30 minutes prior to the screening at the latest.
A single person can book up to 6 tickets; group visits are also available.


The regular ticket price is 25,00 kuna, unless it's differentely indicated for individual special programs.

Members of the Art-kino Film Club have the right to discounted tickets in the amount of 20,00 kuna.
Membership in the Film Club is valid for 12 months starting from the date of joining and it applies to all festivals and other special events, if not stipulated otherwise.
The annual membership fee for retired persons, students and the unemployed amounts to 75.00 HRK, 100.00 HRK for employed persons and provides 50% discount (or, if otherwise noted in the programme) that applies to tickets for programmes, cycles, reviews of national cinematographies, festivals and special programmes together with invitations to premiers and special events organised by Art-kino. Children younger than 15 years of age can become members of the Film Club free of charge.

The discount applies if this has been provided in the contract with the distributer or otherwise noted, for group or organised visits for 20 persons or more. They have to be organised separately for each programme (send your request via e-mail:

For any programme that is free of charge tickets can be booked in advance and found at the box office.

Box office

Krešimirova 2
51000 Rijeka, Croatia
phone: +385 51 32 32 61

See you at Art-kino!