• The Wild Bunch - The Wild Bunch

    The Wild Bunch

    The Wild Bunch, United States, 1969., director: Sam Peckinpah, 135 min. feature film

    Cult Cinema in March brings The Wild Bunch (1969), a controversial western by Sam Peckinpah, which is considered as the author's most acclaimed film and one of the most notable westerns in general. His controversial → more

  • About Endlessness - Om det oändliga

    About Endlessness

    Om det oändliga, Sweden / Germany / Norway / France, 2019., director: Roy Andersson, 78 min. feature film

    The new creation of thw Swedish cult director Roy Andersson is a melancholical humorous kaleidoscope of stories about beauty, cruelty and the banality of existence. A storyteller modeled on Scheherezade takes us through a dreamy → more

  • Art-kino closing its doors until April 14th

    Dear visitors, in accordance with instructions given by authoritative institutions, Art kino is postponing all projections and programmes scheduled untill April 14th 2020, considering the ongoing situation with Corona virus, and the measures of population protection. We → more

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March in Art-kino

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This new american independent movie is above all, a local story, which is to be percieved in the discourse of territory. The same thing that Video Archives in Californian Manhattan Beach represent for Tarantino, Kim's video does for one of the mumblecore movement pioneers, Andrew Bujalski, although the mumblers in his → more


Program postponed

Dear movie lovers,
We hereby inform you that today's/this evening's program has been postponed, in accordance with instructions given by authoritative institutions. Keep track of our page → more