40 years of Art love by Vlasta Delimar

introductory program
cca 70 min.

40 years of Art love by Vlasta Delimar


Art-kino is hosting the most famous Croatian performance artist Vlasta Delimar, who will present her book, alongside with the documentary film of the same name, Cord workshop of Ivan Delimar, in front of the Rijeka audience. The documentary (209, 31') follows the demolition of the artist's father Ivan Delimar cord workshop, once a cult space of international performance festival. It used to be held in Štaglinec, near Koprivnica, under the organisation of the artistic organisation Moja zemlja, on Vlasta Delimar estate, from 2005. to 2015. We follow the destruction and the burial of the workshop by mechanisation and machines, leaving the ground flat and empty, like noting ever existed.  The demolition of the house presents the destruction of the cult performance festival, but the empty surface which remains is a new begining, and it represents a new opportunity of contemplation which is about to happen soon, on the estate of Vlasta Delimar, in Štaglinec.


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