Ponovno gledamo filmove zajedno: projekcije u Art-kinu kreću 26. svibnja!

Art-kino starts on 26 May!

Art-kino starts on 26 May! - Ponovno gledamo filmove zajedno: projekcije u Art-kinu kreću 26. svibnja!

Published: 21.05.2020.

Watching Films Together Again: Screenings at Art-kino Start on 26 May!

Art-kino is ready and happy to reopen its doors, and while following the necessary precautions, it brings to its viewers new and award-winning European films, with an inevitable programme for children and youth. Earlier than in previous years, the Summer Art-kino opens as well…

The film projector lights up again in Krešimirova 2 as the Art-kino venue reopens its doors to the audience on Tuesday, 26 May, after a two-month break! The repertoire includes new and award-winning European films, as well as the latest hits for children and youth over the weekend. On 1 June opens the summer oasis of film in Rijeka - the Summer Art-kino in the courtyard of the Capuchin monastery, from where a rich film programme will beautify Rijeka's evenings under a clear blue sky throughout the whole summer.

Inside programme brings…

The programme in the Art-kino venue starts on 26 May at 20:00 with the winner of the last year's Berlinale - the film Synonyms by Nadav Lapid. Based on the author’s actual experiences, the film tells the story of an Israeli who comes to Paris determined to erase his Israeli identity and past. However, in Lapid's eccentric and tragicomic story, the ghosts of the past do not disappear so easily.

On 27 May, at the same time as the previous day, the French-Italian documentary hit Selfie directed by Agostino Ferrente arrives on the programme, analysing the circumstances of the inadvertent murder of the 16-year-old Davide Bifolco during a police chase in the infamous Neapolitan Traiano district. In doing so, the director gives the two best friends of the deceased young man a mobile phone and a microphone with instructions to record their own lives as a selfie film. The result is an impressive and fun collage of adolescence, strong friendship and a life in which the future is often determined by the social and family environment.

Thursday, 29 May, brings the Italian crime drama Piranhas written by Roberto Saviano. Gomorrah’s father creates another realistic story of Neapolitan youth involved in teenage gangs whose life without a future currently brings easy money, fun and social status. The film was awarded the Silver Bear for Best Script at the last year’s Berlinale.

The youth programme starts on Friday, 29 May at 17:00 with the Swedish family comedy Sune vs. Sune about the hardships in life of the ten-year-old Sune, and on 31 May animated film Onward, by the author of the celebrated Monsters University, returns to the big screen of Art-kino. This animated hit by Disney and Pixar follows the adventures of two teenage elves in search of the remaining magic in the world around us.

New safety precautions at Art-kino

In accordance with the new regulations given by the competent authorities, Art-kino is ready and happy to reopen its doors while following the necessary precautions to maintain the safety of visitors and employees of Art-kino.

A total of 40 available seats in the venue is formed on the basis of the recommended social distancing measures. It is recommended to buy tickets online via the ulaznice.hr website, while the box office will open every day an hour before the start of the first screening. Therefore, the box office opens on 26 May, the first day of the Art-kino reopening, and online tickets are available from 21 May on the ulaznice.hr platform.

Due to the necessary precautions, Art-kino employees point out that all contact surfaces will be disinfected before, between and after the screenings, with a mandatory half-hour ventilation between different programmes on weekends.
Visitors are asked to adhere to the highlighted code of conduct which includes: mandatory adherence to the 1.5-meter physical distance rule and to the general hygiene measures (disinfectant dispensers are available at the entrance, in toilets and at the Art-kino box office), recommendation to purchase online tickets via the ulaznice.hr platform, mandatory use of the seats indicated on the tickets, prevention of staying in the cinema area after the screening, and entrance and exit monitoring by Art-kino staff.
Visitors are asked not to come to the Art-kino if they feel sick, have a fever (higher than 37.2 ° C) or any other signs of illness.

Art-kino invites all interested citizens to follow up with further information on the website and on social media about possible further changes in the work and services of the cinema according to the instructions given by the competent authorities related to the COVID-19 pandemic.