Sorry We Missed You

Sorry We Missed You, United Kingdom / France / Belgium, 2019., 101 min.


Sorry We Missed You


Another in a series of award-winning Loach's social dramas, Sorry We Missed You, through the prism of a delivery man who wants business independence and a more secure future for his family, functions as a pointy and harsh critique of the modern working-class capitalist society. Ricky and his family are having a hard time living up to the debt created after the 2008 financial crisis. The chance to pull out of a difficult life comes with a new van and the opportunity to become a delivery man. Ricky and his wife work hard, family ties are strong but they are coming to the brink soon. In the daily struggle to survive in the increasingly ruthless British labor market, a family of four ends up in a mental and financial abyss.

Festivals and awards

Chicago International Film Festival 2019 - Najbolja glumica (Debbie Honeywood) / Ljubljana International Film Festival 2019 - Najbolji film po odluci Mladog žirija / San Sebastián International Film Festival 2019 - Nagrada publike za najbolji europski film / St. Louis International Film Festival 2019 - Nagrada za najbolji film;


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