Drive-in Cinema: Autokino Returns to Rijeka

Drive-in Cinema: Autokino Returns to Rijeka

Published: 06.05.2020.

Programme in Beretich begins this Saturday / The film screen will be installed again in Rijeka in the car park Beretich, where a new edition of Autokino, organised by Art-kino and Filmaktiv, will be held during May as part of Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture.

The current favourable epidemiological situation, together with the unquestionable protection of all participants, has secured a green light by the Civil Protection Headquarters to go forward with the Autokino programme, where Rijeka audience will enjoy the magic of the big screen after a two-month break.

Autokino in May is reserved for film classics, and the programme in Beretich starts on Saturday, 9 May at 21:00 with the humorous drama I Vitelloni (1953) by the great Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini, whose centenary of the birth Art-kino marks with the year-round film programme.

On 16 and 23 May, Rijeka audience will have the opportunity to watch two other film classics from the safety of their vehicles.

In order to ensure additional safety measures in accordance with the recommendations by the competent authorities while organising Autokino, screenings can be attended only by visitors in vehicles (maximum two people in the vehicle, unless it is a family with children), and visitors are obliged to stay in the vehicles during the programme, with the front left car window lowering allowed. As in previous years, the audio will be available via assigned radio frequency.

Since this is the first public programme to be held in Rijeka after the beginning of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and it aims to awaken a sense of belonging and community with valuable films, the programme is free for all visitors, and prior reservation is required.
Due to a limited number of parking spaces, the prior reservation should be made via email at or by calling 051/323-261 on working days from 10:00 to 14:00, and is valid only upon receipt of Art-kino staff confirmation. To reserve a parking space, the registration number of the vehicle the visitors will come with, the number of spectators in the vehicle and the contact number are required. Visitors outside vehicles or those inside vehicles whose registration numbers are not on the list will not be able to access Autokino.

The Beretich car park opens at 20:00, and viewers are advised to arrive 40 minutes before the programme starts in order to avoid potential congestion and to find parking spaces with better visibility. Arriving at the car park, the organisers will direct drivers where to park their vehicle. In order to minimise physical contact during programme implementation, all Art-kino and Filmaktiv employees are familiar with the recommendations on social distancing and will carry them out consistently, equipped with the protective means and at a proper distance from all programme participants.

Bookings for the first Autokino,va screening of the film I Vitelloni will be received starting Wednesday, 6 May at noon.

In the event of heavy rain or bad weather, the screening will be postponed until the following day, Sunday, 10 May at 21:00. The organisers invite all interested citizens to follow up with further announcements on the website and social media of Art-kino and Filmaktiv about possible further changes in the implementation of Autokino according to the instructions by the competent authorities related to the pandemic of the COVID-19 disease and in accordance with the weather.