Series and Festivals


Filmsko platno ponovno se diže na riječkom parkiralištu Beretich gdje se tijekom svibnja održava novo izdanje Autokina, u organizaciji Art-kina i udruge Filmaktiv pod okriljem Rijeka 2020 - Europska prijestolnica kulture. → more

Sixth edition of Womenial days, a mutual program hosted by Kino Mreža, will be held from 5th – 9th March, 2020., in regards to the International Women's Day. Womenial days bring excellent and award – → more


Film Mutations: Festival of Invisible Cinema XIII. subtitled Cinemaclash! Film+Power is being held in Art-kino from February 6 to February 9, 2020. The program is being held as a part of the program route Age of → more


Cinema classroom 2020

Feminism and film romance

This year's Cinema Classroom named Feminism and Film Romance focuses on the problematic relationship between feminism and film romance. How does the production and reception of film romance unwind as a predominantly female genre? In → more


The month of December creates an atmosphere for the work of the eccentric director Tim Burton so the last weekend of the month is intended for his movies. Friday, 27th of December, brings the movie Ed → more


This series of movies will start with the screening of La Jetée (1962.) by Chris Marker, which is one of the most famous short movies in general and also the movie that inspired a large → more


Human Rights Film Festival 2019

Human Rights Film Festival 2019

Human Rights Film Festival 2019

In its seventeenth edition, the Human Rights Film Festival brings seven films to Art-kino from December 6th to December 8th. This year's edition, organized as part of the program Age of Power, a part of → more


The series of movies created by the Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci starts on 2nd of December with the politcal drama The Conformist (1970.), the directors adaptation of Alberto Moravia's novel, whose storyline is focused on the psycho-social characterization → more


From December 1st to December 5th, a total of five top European films nominated for the European Film Award will be screened on the big screen of Art-kino, and the program opens with a new → more


The Zagreb Film Festival will travel to Art-kino again this year, bringing with it four feature films and one block of local shorts, known as Blocks. ZFF's guest appearance opens with comedy Alice and the → more